Book Chapters

  1. Grand Canyon Orphan Mine Geology
  2. Orphan Mine Superintendent
  3. Grand Canyon National Park Service
  4. The Orphan Mine Aerial Tramway
  5. Orphan Mine Steel Headframe and Shaft
  6. Orphan Mine Surface Ore Bin Collapse
  7. Mining Practices at the Orphan Mine
  8. 350 Foot Level Annular Ring - The Big "Bonanza Ore" Mine
  9. Orphan Mine Ore Production
10. Transportation of Orphan Mine Ore to Mills
11. Orphan Mine Staff and Personnel
12. Grand Canyon Park Visitors
13. Grand Canyon Support Groups and Friends
14. Grand Canyon Rotary Club
15. Proposed Spectacular -18 Story 600 Room Hotel
16. Hard Rock Miner's Sayings 

1. Strange Happenings In the Orphan Mine Glory Hole Stope
2. Orphan Mine Headframe and Canyon Winds
3. The Orphan Mine Burro
4. Orphan Mine Headframe Xmas Lights
5. My Last Shift at the Orphan Mine

    A. Underground Mine Workings Described
    B. Mining Terminology
    C. Other Mining Terms


Softcover, 190 pages, 7" x 9", Historical, Bibliography, Mining Terminology Glossary, many photos. Language: English, 

ISBN: 0-9764260-0-5, 9x7”, 1 lb. 3.8 oz.
Publisher: Grand Canyon Orphan ©2004 Castagne & Pearson Production

They went to work in a bucket ...