The “Only Inside Look" Into A "One-of-a-Kind Mine!" 

Storyteller and all around good guy.
Coolest grandfather in the world.
      --Justin, Grandson

​​​​​​The author, Maurice Castagne, worked eleven years as mine superintendent and manager of the Orphan Mine, located at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon, AZ. This personal historical book tells the untold story of this unique “One of a Kind” Mine.​
Inspired to write the Grand Canyon Orphan Mine book before its history is lost forever in the annals of time, this

book of original data and photos, relates to the history, geology, underground mining operations, events and stories of the Grand Canyon Orphan Mine. It is a historical and colorful book of the only mine to operate within the Grand Canyon National Park.

This book is one of a kind for collectors and will appeal to all ages as a gift, souvenir, and a classic addition to personal and public libraries.

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